Motorbike rental bangkok

Renting a motorbike in bangkok requires a reflexion. It is necessary to know which is the motorbike you need, to choose the motorbike which it will be best for you to rent.

Start by thinking about the motorbike you want to rent: whether it is intended to become your daily transport or if you think rather use it on weekends or occasionally.

It is also good to study the type of terrain and the distances you expect to travel daily with your bike. In this way, you will directly identify the motorbike model that fits your needs.

If you are looking for a motorbike for everyday life and you are mainly going for city trips, choose scooters. These are light, easy to use and economical motorbike, ideal for urban areas and small trips.

Otherwise, if, besides the city, you will also ride over long distances or non-urban terrain, do not choose this type of motorcycle. Prefer a « naked » bike, like the great classics of Yamaha, Suzuki or Honda.

Otherwise, opt for a custom motorbike.A more resistant motorbike and perfect for trips and long or special trips.

Of course, your personal taste for a motorbike rental in Bangkok must be taken into account and, in fact, it is often they that motivate our choices. However, it is very important not to rent a motorbike just for its aesthetic appearance or for the brand. Consider all the recommendations mentioned here.

As for the choice to rent your motorcycle, it normally depends on your budget that you set for the rental of your bike. A rental motorbike in Bangkok is usually the least important investment.

About delivery,

we offer a complete scooter rental bangkok service,
until you deliver the scooter of your choice to your hotel, apartment, office or any other meeting point in Bangkok.

Delivry is free if you rent a motorbike more than 4 days,

If is not more than 4 days delivery is 200 bath.

All our scooters and motorbikes are in excellent condition and we supply them with 2 helmets.

Thank you for your attention and hope to see you soon physically at our agency;)

Motorbike rental bangkok

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